In addition to serving our homeless brothers and sisters every Tuesday night, we felt God leading us to a new ministry back in March of 2016. A ministry focusing on helping anyone in need with beds, furniture, household items, food, and more. We witnessed several people being “housed” and then after being checked off a list, left with nothing in their new place. Literally no bed, no bedding, no furniture, no kitchen items to cook with, and the list goes on. Well, I will be honest, I had NO IDEA how we could do this without big trucks and storage space… But God did!! He made a way – many ways!! And through this ministry we have met SO MANY amazing individuals, families and MHMR clients who were so close to giving up because they were starving “indoors now”, or still felt hopeless sleeping on floors and having nothing but 4 walls around them. It was so eye-opening. I am so thankful God called us to this. It is NOT easy work but it is SO WORTH IT!!

Look at what you helped us do!! WOOHOO!!!

30 beds delivered
27 deliveries of food
26 deliveries of other such as pots, pans, washer & dryer, bedding, etc.
23 deliveries of household items like décor, curtains, lamps, etc.
20 deliveries of furniture such as couches, love seats, bedroom, etc.
15 deliveries of hygiene supplies
14 deliveries of baby related items
11 deliveries of clothing
4 deliveries of cleaning supplies
4 deliveries of cribs

Note: Not everything was documented due to beginning a log after we began this ministry.

Heather Dixon

Founder / Executive Director


​~ from a House to a Home ~